Lyrical Skool Yard One Year Anniversary with Sojourn, Blame One

If you’re in North County, check out Sojourn, Blame, and Kahlee rocking for the Lyrical Skool Yard One Year Anniversary show. Supernatural is headlining (in front of Abstract Rude? I didn’t see that one coming) and you might could impress a girl with his freestyle skill (weird how it works like that right? I guess you get cool points for knowing about it or something). Should be a fun show. Watch out for the cops though. Last time I went, they were hella crawling everywhere as I was getting lost, trying to find the venue. Then one of them pulled me over. I didn’t get a ticket but I’m just saying to be extra careful and shit.

Mixtape: The Seed – Breakinground

DOWNLOAD: The Seed – Breakinground

This mixtape dropped way back in June. But I hesitated to post this simply because I’m not completely sure if this qualifies as San Diego music. The Seed consists of three Polynesian (I think, if I remember correctly?) artists who come from all over California. Uptown Swuite comes from the Bay. Kahlee and producer Adikt 1 currently live in San Diego but I believe they both hail from Los Angeles. Kahlee even reps Tre Dime Music, or 310, which is an LA area code.

But there is a lot of SD participation, including mixing from DJ Demon, cuts from Kutfather, and a guest verse from Blame One. And if you think about it in a roundabout way, not being from San Diego is kinda this very San Diego thing. San Diego is a city of transplants, whether military or otherwise. Blame it on the nine months of sunshine but SD is where people go to escape. SD attracts lots of drifters. Kahlee and Adikt drifted down from LA and now they’re putting solid roots down in San Diego. And y’know, they happen to be really good. If that works for Kutfather, that works for me. Enjoy.

Video: The Seed ft. Blame One – Never Lost Control

I wasn’t sure if I should throw this up because the only SD thing about this, Blame One, gets outshined by both the other emcees, especially Kahlee, who kills it on the third verse. Beatdown raps are completely welcome at this site, with all due respect to Jimmy Powers.