Video: 3D – Network [prod. Infinity Gauntlet]

3D is now officially part of Red Lotus Klan. The song in the video above is produced by Infinity Gauntlet, who lays down some seriously somber guitar strumming (samples). On this song, 3D comes off kinda like Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox in that he’s not often on-beat. But he says some kinda wild shit so it’s alright. “Slow dancing with brooms/ rubbing my fingers through the mop.” “Moonwalking on spaceships.” “The sweet sounds of police sirens/ underneath the city lights.” “California mindstate/ Original customs, primate.” If I had to choose between a rapper who could come up with an interesting image in his rhymes and a rapper who could flow like water, I’ll go with the imagery. Especially because too many rappers flow like water but won’t say anything worth hearing.

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Reading be fun though:

  • nate dogg

    cool beat. sounds kinda like a lesser version of skatterbrain and odessa kane though. had to quit the video half way through because i lost interest in the lyrics and flow.

  • snoop dogg

    You’re trippin Nate. I am atubing this 3d video right now. Dude is ill. Good song.