Crhymes – Alien Dive Bar

Crhymes - Aliens In The Hood
Crhymes ft. Big Ev, Thee Husstle “Alien Dive Bar

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I checked out this Aliens In The Hood compilation Crhymes put out to capitalize off a possible UFO sighting from last year. All the songs are vaguely space-themed. He’s got like 4 or 5 tracks himself mixed in with some local stuff and some other non-local stuff.

“Alien Dive Bar” is the obvious highlight. The beat is produced by Hi-Hi & EV of Planet X Studios. And it is really fcking bugged. I don’t even know what’s going on here. It just assaults your ears with these heavy basslines and crashing cymbals. But it’s not even that. It’s the stuttering snares and the utterly dismembered vocal and/or trumpet samples and what sounds like demonic frog croaks. Altogether, there’s this nervous, face-melting energy to it that’s hard to turn away from.

There are a few other tracks worth keeping but they’re all a little older so I already had them myself. If you don’t have it already, you’ll definitely want to grab the Ab-Soul track, “Nibiru”, in which Ab speaks from the perspective of an enormous planet and says, “My orbit is a bitch on her menstrual.” You should also check out the Monkey Beezness and El-Gun Legro tracks. Otherwise, you could do without the rest.

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