CityBeat: Orko Eloheim, ‘Supreme At Being’

Orko Eloheim

Left Handed Scientists (Bazerkowitz & Orko Eloheim) ft. Black Mikey “Kill Your Present Future

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This article took four hours of interview, two all-nighters, and then some to write. Still, it’s not really complete. There’s only so much you can fit into 850 words. From Orko’s history to the influence of his music to his enigmatic persona–I can probably spend 850 on each of those aspects. I had trouble trying to fit all of that into one article and still sound somewhat coherent to the average CityBeat reader.

But whatever. I’m happy I could write this feature. Shouts to Orko and Bazerkowitz. I had some really epic interviews with them, including one that mentioned talking to rocks, writing “Bartman“, and jerking off to anime. I didn’t put any of that in the article. But eventually, I’ll transcribe all of that for you to read.

Anyway, snippet below. Full article here. Extra ill flick above that unfortunately could not be used for the article due to graininess (artists, please get your photography game straight–I would recommend befriending Tony). Stream Orko’s latest album above as well as “Kill Your Present Future” with Bazerkowitz.

Orko Eloheim is one of San Diego’s most influential and prolific hip-hop artists, but he remains an enigma.

In one interview, he says his real name is Avi Ben Judah the 29th, a title that reflects his ancient Hebrew lineage. But he only discovered this fact recently. In the same breath, he says his previous alias, Orko the Sycotik Alien, is a reference to his schizophrenia diagnosis and supposed interplanetary origin. All the while, his tone slides between fiery declaration and deadpan humor.

But in a second interview, Orko finally lets down his guises. Recognized as a father of San Diego’s underground hip-hop scene, the slender, 36-year-old rapper looks the part with his graying fro-hawk, scraggly beard and deep, jagged voice.

Stay tuned for more cool shit with Orko in the coming weeks.

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  1. June 7, 2012

    […] Orko Eloheim: Everyone else on here would be nominated for both their music and the work they’ve put into their career. I fear Orko might be too all-over-the-place to really ever focus on making many “career” moves. But I would nominate him solely on creativity. He shows more inspiration in a single line than many other artists show in an entire song or album. Put it like this: I bump P+T to enjoy music. I listen to Orko for truth and quote him to help me sort through life. […]

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