Dre Trav, Sauvi, Ez Pennybags – Pyramid Scheme

PyramidScheme by PyramidScheme13

The production throughout this mixtape/compilation/album/whatever is solid, a collection of blissful, spacey beats that oscillate back and forth between sounding like Ski Beatz and 9th Wonder. These dudes have an excellent production team behind them, made of Sauvi himself, Monibeatz, and several other like-minded producers continuing to develop this starry night production aesthetic.

It’s a shame that the rapping is so bad though. I swear, a lot of the time, they’re not even rhyming at all. It’s not even like the rhyming words are hidden deep within the meter that you miss them–they just aren’t there much of the time. The worst part is that they sound like they actually have something interesting to say and when they learn how to say it, it’ll be deep. But right now, they’re lacking the technical chops, which is not just disappointing, it’s distracting. Thankfully, the production is good enough to still carry them but they shouldn’t rely on that.

It’s hard to pick highlights on an album that lulls you into electric relaxation like this, but on third listen, “Be Me,” “I Can Be,” and “The Dwell” are sounding nice like that.

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Reading be fun though: