Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) – Mic Jackson x Growing Pains

Dag Savage (Johaz and Exile)
17 Mic Jackson – DAG SAVAGE aka Johaz & Exile (Exclusive) by DIRTY SCIENCE
4 Growing Pains – DAG SAVAGE aka Johaz & Exile ft. Fashawn, Blu and Exile (Exclusive) by DIRTY SCIENCE

I missed this when it dropped a couple months ago. Exile put out a freebie mixtape called Intro To The Outro zipping through tracks in his back catalog in anticipation for his rapping debut album, 4 Track Mind. Thankfully, much of the mixtape focuses on exclusive songs from the Dirty Science/Dream Sequence camp including these joints from the Dag Savage project with Johaz and Exile (you notice the affinity towards “DS” names? It’s like making up names for first generation Nintendo DS games).

“Mic Jackson” finds Johaz in straightforward battle rap mode including a punchline about beating you down with chopsticks, the Asian-ness of which caught my attention. The lineup for “Growing Pains” teases another Dirty Science posse cut but it’s not really. Johaz reminisces about his struggles growing up and name-drops both Lindbergh and Mt. Aguilar in the process, making me speculate that he grew up in Clairemont like me. That would be some fly isht because otherwise, our only claim to fame is Fast Times At Ridgemont High (filmed at Clairemont High) and … I don’t know, I guess our Burlington Coat Factory is pretty dope.

The Dag Savage project is hopefully coming soon but clearly not soon enough. You can get the entire Intro To The Outro mixtape here.

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1 Response

  1. stuntdouble says:

    The Shawn T. Nelson incident also happend in Clairemont…

    Dag Savage is hella hard.

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