Video: Brother Nature – Just Do It

Brother Nature raps over KMD and gives life advice from Nike (seriously, don’t support Nike–also because they caused this crap to exist [haterade on a hundred thousand trillion]).

Anyway, weak Nike tirade aside, this is pretty cool. Also, they get points for rapping over KMD and then also for forcing me to listen to KMD for the first time. I think it’s time to move onto their own original production though. I get that they’re new artists and rocking over other people’s beats is necessary when you’re coming up because maybe you don’t have access to beats or you have to prove yourself to a producer before you get access to beats. But it can’t be a good move for most artists, new or old. I appreciate that Brother Nature doesn’t just spit over the hottest beats of the moment like “Otis” or something. Choosing KMD is unique and reflects their personality more for sure. But then it naturally begs comparison to KMD or whatever other classic that whatever other artist is rocking over, which is a hard battle to win (though there are exceptions to the rule). Plus, I mean, they know this girl now who knows half of the rap world. There’s gotta be a producer that she can hook them up with that will be the missing piece to the Brother Nature puzzle.

To sum up: 1. Don’t support Nikes; 2. Do support Brother Nature, who is playing in Carlsbad on Thursday; 3. Don’t rock over other people’s instrumentals unless you’re new or you’re gonna be amazing. Brother Nature, find your DJ Subroc (except, y’know, someone not dead).

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