Odessa Kane – Thrive

Because sometimes it’s bigger than hip-hop. I like that the last couple songs that I’ve heard from Odessa have been less about rhyming for the sake of riddlin’ and more about hardcore political change. “Thrive” is basically the flipside of “Lab Rat Race.” While “Lab Rat Race” furiously strikes down the evils of modern society, “Thrive” seems much more about raising up the downtrodden against such evils. It’s less angry, more sad, but also more empathetic and down-to-earth. Odessa may have walked with us in “Lab Rat Race” as a lyrical conceit. But here, he sounds like he’s really with us, in the trenches, helping us up onto our feet.

V-Rock on the beat. If you haven’t been paying attention to Third Degree Burns playlists, you maybe should start.

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