Blame One ‘Endurance’ = Jay-Z ‘The Black Album’?

Remember when Jay-Z first announced The Black Album? His idea was to have 10 tracks from 10 different producers, something like his fantasy record he had always wanted to make. Well, Blame One’s Endurance has 14 tracks with 13 producers. Is this more cause to believe Blame will indeed retire? Or is this more cause to believe he’ll come crawling back out of retirement shortly after retiring?

Bonus points for releasing vinyl on Polish Pub Records, hah. Tracklisting and production credits after the jump.

  1. The Elders [prod. Paten Locke]
  2. It’s a Stick Up [prod. Tranzformer]
  3. Ateteaeight (feat. Ruslan / Beleaf) [prod. Hoax One]
  4. Still Doin Me [prod. Magowl]
  5. Do Work (feat. Bia) [prod. Dertmerchant]
  6. Step It Up (feat. Big Left) [prod. Ahhzel; cuts DJ Shag]
  7. Right to Exist [prod. Poundaproblem]
  8. AC All Day (feat. Jimmy Powers / Kahless / Saviorself / Nothinless) [prod. Dcsoulplusmind]
  9. Classic Hits [prod. Jsupreme]
  10. Glass House [prod. Exile]
  11. Endurance [prod. Sinuous; cuts DJ Phonic]
  12. The Illest (feat. Anthony Rutkowski) [prod. Magowl]
  13. Studio Time (feat. Pedalay) [prod. Germz]
  14. Bret Favre’n It [prod. Esta]

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